So you have decided to go into Chastity . You will need a little reinforcement training.  The following hypnotic exercises below will help you. Chastity is and will always be a great virtue.

Many people find their focus is greater during this time.  It will also be a time of increased self awareness and sexuality on a different level. Below are audios and videos to further your experience.

Requirements to inquire about Keyholding are that you have listened to the Chastity Mp3 below and have at least 7 days to devote to chastity.  Keyholder service donation starts at $50.00 along with first letter.

Have a monitored experience with a goal and plans for your life. Using the key holder service you will be prompted to better yourself when you are in Chastity. Keep yourself occupied doing good deeds and special tasks. If you have met the requirements above write a letter to me here :

and we will work out a chastity plan where you are accountable for this valuable virtue.

Keyholder Services

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The Chastity Collection

Is a below in a variety of well planned audios and videos to further enhance your Chastity experience. Whatever your reason for chastity you will find your niche in the carefully constructed hypnotic exercises below.  The descriptions are kept accurate in order to ensure you recieve the best training possible.

By click on audio pictures you may glimpse into whats inside.

Chastity  Mp3

A nice way to start your training.

This easily molds your mind into total acceptance of your newly chaste situation. Listen to this to being to realize all the benefits and virtues of

giving up your keys and locking your manhood away. 

40 full minutes  $19.99

Chastity Reality Check Video

In being honest with yourself chastity is learning to humble yourself to your desires. It’s best to have a purpose to relinquish control over to the right feminine strong woman. You’ll find out core truths about chastity in this explicit video but you may even feel a bit humiliated in doing so.

13 Minutes    $17.99

Throughout history mankind has gone chaste usually for the honor of a female. It was considered virtuous to offer ones chastity to a female and give her control over the area that of which most men are led around by .

Practiced by almost every religion in the world. Cultures and dynasties from Ancient Egypt to the Hindus to all over world the  have long practiced Chastity.

There isn’t a civilized country that doesn’t know about it.

Relinquishing control to a woman involves both the careful and watchful guidance of the key holder as well as the honesty of the participant. There are times when the chaste person is going to get cranky and emotional.

This is a normal side effect of the chastity.

Many who practice claim that they get more work done than they ever have before while being chaste. You can continue to watch more of  the audios and videos on this page and see if it’s true for you as well.

Being chaste doesn’t mean that you will not have emissions. You may have them but they will be more controlled and your movement is very much restricted and controlled.

Below is even more training because chastity begins not only in the body but must be

sowed into the mind as well.

Before you unlock and end your chastity I suggest you experience the audios and

videos on this page for an unforgettable journey of control.

History and Uses for Chastity Training

Intense Chaste Hypnosis Video

Further your training and go deeper into a level of submission where your chastity has you even dressing the part. A distinguished Lady of Honor is your tutor and guide into the realm of chaste behavior modification. Like it or not you guide doesnt hesitate to let you know why she is making you accept your

chaste position.

25 minutes       $24.99

$ 50.00