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      Come inside and  Experience a heightened state of mind

                 Inside you will find a trance connoisseurs delight.

Become a more confident person and a more attentive lover. People will notice the difference in your attitude after you have experienced  deep hypnosis.

Certified Vibrational Sound techniques and vocal training used to bring you to the highest depths of trance.  Your subconscious mind will awaken opening the door to your deepest desires & delighting your senses! A heightened state of mind ! A private collection you won’t find anywhere else. Try our Free Hypnosis and decide for yourself.  Our Hypnotic tracks are of the highest quality and designed to carry you into a different state of mind that feels good!

Aural and Visual Enlightenment for the Hypnotic Connoisseur. A truly esoteric and eclectic collection that will engage all of your senses and speak to your inner spirit.