Inside these pages you are going to find carefully  mastered

hypnotic audio tracks.

These audio files are for the  hypnosis aficionado who enjoys

going in  for deep long  enjoyable  trances.

If used correctly hypnosis can alter your subconscious mind

& it can also be used to enhance your conscious  waking mindful moments.

Your mind is a very powerful tool . You can increase your pleasure and heighten your senses through proper hypnotic induction.

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    “Let your mind

      take you, where

      you want to go.”

             Intense Hypnosis

     The portal to open  your 

     subconscious mind

     can be opened by

     listening to audios while 

     relaxing with quality headphones

     in a environment where you will

     have no distractions.

     True real hypnosis can have you

     in a state of total relaxation be

     careful to make sure you body is 

     able to lie back and  accept


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